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It is indeed a matter of immense gratification and pride to bring out the website of our school. Though in the history of this school it is the first attempt to launch the website.  Literacy is not education or we can say merely obtaining certificates, degrees and diplomas do not make a person educated. Education is a lifelong process initiated at home, carried on in the schools and colleges bearing fruit later in life. Education has a vital role to play in society today. Children today are utmost duty and responsibility as teachers to provide them holistic education which will prepare the ground for overall development and students will be ready to face the challenges of the future.
It is an era of competition today. Those students who do not take part in co-curricular activities stay back in the race of life. So, there is need to ignite the spark with in them and prepare and lead to brighter future. One more thing which requires our attention is the proper time management. Sometimes people go on grumbling over past or they are worried about future which is uncertain and foggy but they neglect the present which is in their hands. So, shun the past and future and make full use of the present which is your real and priceless possession.
Positive thinking plays vital role today in the all-round development of the personality of an individual. As in the words of famous poet and play wright Shakespeare – ‘Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so’. So, one must think in a positive manner to attain excellence. Hence train your mind and think your way to success. Action speaks louder than words. Nothing is impossible and unattainable, only sincere effort is the main requisite. Be courageous, positive and above all optimistic because courage conquers and boldness pays. All the strength and power you require for success is within you. Opportunities keep knockingat door of everyone; only grab them at the right moment.
I personally feel that all of us have to realize our responsibilities as parents, teachers, guides and friends and to set the example for our students by leading life in an honest, dignified and righteous manner. 

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